1. **Who is Radha Krishna?**
Radha Krishna is a divine couple in Hinduism, comprising Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, shares an eternal love story with Radha, considered the epitome of devotion and divine love. Their worship is prominent in Vaishnavism, with images and idols adorning temples and homes. The Radha Krishna tradition enriches Indian art, music, dance, and literature, leaving an indelible mark on spirituality and culture.

2. **What is the relationship between Radha and Krishna?**
Radha and Krishna symbolize divine love in Hinduism. Radha, Krishna's childhood friend and devotee, embodies unwavering devotion, while Krishna represents divine love. Their relationship transcends human emotions, serving as a metaphor for the soul's quest for union with the Divine. Their love story inspires Hindus to cultivate devotion and seek spiritual enlightenment.

3. **How is Radha Krishna worshiped in Hinduism?**
Devotees worship Radha Krishna through rituals, prayers, and devotion. Puja, bhajans, art, scriptures, and meditation are common practices. They offer flowers, incense, and food during puja, sing devotional songs, meditate on their divine forms, and study scriptures for spiritual enlightenment. Worship methods may vary based on tradition and personal beliefs but express love and devotion to Radha Krishna.

4. **Can Radha Krishna be worshiped separately from Krishna?**
While Radha and Krishna are usually worshiped together, some traditions venerate Radha independently. Radha symbolizes the feminine aspect of the Divine, embodying love and compassion. Temples and shrines dedicated solely to Radha exist, where devotees seek her blessings and guidance. Whether worshiped together or separately, Radha and Krishna inspire devotees to cultivate divine love and devotion.